Friday, February 18, 2011

Braces - Do's & Dont's

ni nak bagi tips sikit for those yang pakai braces. berguna untuk saya juga. =)

tengok! siap kaler2 lagi. cute tak? hihihi

1) Do clean your teeth using normal brush or orthodontic brush after every meal.
(kdg2 buat, kdg2 tak. tapi byk kdg2 tak ah. hihi)

2) Your new fixed appliance will feel strange and uncomfortable at first. The attachments on the side of the teeth will buldge into your tongue and cheek and make them sore to start with, and the wire which pulls the teeth into place will make them feel loose & tender, which is only temporary and will resolve itself with time.
(ah. sakit ! T_T)

3) Do avoid hard foods, as they may break the braces and wires.
EG: Nuts, Non-vege, apple, carrot etc, they maybe eaten if they are cut into smaller pieces first.
(saya bedal je. kesian kt braces sy kan? hik3)

4) Avoid sticky foods such as chewing gum, chocolates etc.
(ni pun same. belasah je coklat ke, chewing gum ke, pizza ke. erk! hihi)

5) Use fluoride mouthwash twice daily ( LISTERINE / ORAL B / CHLORHEXIDINE ), to rinse mouth thoroughly for atleast 30-40 seconds.
(haa! ni pun baru je start buat. kehkeh. punye la teruk malas kan?)

6) Don't leave your braces broken - contact your orthodontics to get fixed, as soon as possible.
(tak penah rosak lg setakat ni. punya la ayu mengunyah. peh!)

7) Use elastic bands aptly, and as per orthodontist's instructions.

8) If soreness is present, use warm salt - water rinses and/ or paracetamol/ ibuprofen ( panadol )
(uwaaaa. sakit woo ulser!)

9) For athletic patients, please wear an orthodontics gum shield at all times. An elbow or ball to the mouth can cause alots of destruction and pain.
(dah pencen jd atlit. muaha!)

10) Remember, a broken or lost appliance can not correct your teeth, but it will extend your treatment time.
(lah pulak? hurm)

11) It is essential that you continue to see your dentist regularly for your routine dental treatment.
(yes! i do. hee)

owh bila la gigi kita nak cantek macam ni. hurm T_T

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